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4x4 Evolution patch (build 56 to build 57) Update 4x4 Evolution from the 1.0 build 56 to build 57.
Size: 357.5k
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build TFS Build build ems build nms build Photogallery  
Re-Build A cool animated screensaver for your desktop.
Size: 1.2 MB
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screensaver customize animated screensaver  
MARS 5.6 Build Schedules and emails, prints, uses ftp, faxes or outputs single or batches of Access Reports
Size: -
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XTRACT4J 2.2 Build Execute queries against Oracle databases with this tool.
Size: -
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QuickViewHL7 1.3 Build View HL7 files with this application.
Size: -
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HL7 messenger HL7 message HL7 edit HL7 message  
HTML2TXT 4.1 Build Can convert HTML files to TXT format and reformat the text
Size: -
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html to txt iPod reformat reformat reformat file  

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Business Process Visual ARCHITECT (Analyst Edition) Business Process design tool - BPMN, Business Process Diagram, DFD, ERD, etc
Size: 139 MB
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Create activity manager process modeler diagram creator  
WYSIWYG Web Site Builder This tool allows you to design and publish your website.
Size: 3.3 MB
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build builder website website creator HTML generator  
OWL-S Composer Ease your work with Eclipse with this tool.
Size: 22.6 MB
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build develop Eclipse plugin build OWL-S composition OWL-S  
Parabuild A software build management and continuous integration server
Size: 32.06MB
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Management build source code build management  
UEStudio '09 Development environment:Build, Compile, Debug, Run, ClassViewer, Resource Editor
Size: 22.1 MB
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editor build compile resource file editor resource editor  
General Logo Builder General Logo Builder is a program that will help you create your own text on a fixed number of logos.
Size: 513 KB
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editor build logo create logo Build Logo Edit Logo  

build in description

Buildron Buildron was created as a handy 3D Continuous Integration radiator that comes with a more immersive approach than other traditional radiators. Buildron is an environment where each of your build confi...
Size: 10.6 MB
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development monitor radiator build monitor  
antutility antutility includes a small number of classes for use with Ant that can help you to analyze your build in a non-intrusive manner. Ant provides some great facilities for customization. One of them is t...
Size: 10 KB
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optimizer optimize non-intrusive monitoring ant viewer  
Make for jEdit Make for jEdit is a useful plugin that helps you to build and analyze your projects through a context menu. In case your project contains a recognized build file, you have the possibility to easily bu...
Size: 71 KB
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searcher locate Finder jEdit plugin Locate Error  
GBuildSys GbuildSys was specially designed as a generic build system for GNU environments. It supports incremental builds and independent build configurations in the same source tree. The former means that GBu...
Size: 3 KB
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build environment gnu build system  
TFS Build Monitor The TFS build Monitor was designed to be a windows application that monitors both TFS build status and build qualities and alerts people when status or quality changes occur. At this stage alerts can ...
Size: 313 KB
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build monitor see status determine status status  
Hyper Build Hyper build is a professional application designed to enable software developers to build managers to automate software building, testing, deployment and release process. Hyper Build allows you to vis...
Size: 14.02MB
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automate Deployment Automation automate deployment